Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Trail Cams Oct. 31 - Nov. 7


I liked the colors in this picture of a small buck posing for the camera in West Canyon. 

Better buck walking North heading out of the canyon at sunrise.  This may be the buck that came out right before it got dark during my Friday evening hunt.

A possible shooter buck under my Feeder Stand just hours after Bayes and Goodman left.  Since I don't like the name Feeder Stand, I'm renaming it Milk River Stand because that's what it reminds me of looking down on it from the canyons. 

Cool daylight picture under the Milk River Stand from Friday morning.  I sat this stand Thursday morning and wish I'd have waited a day.  This may be the same 8 pointer Phil watched running 4 does around on Sunday morning.

  Possibly the same 8 from above.  This is the view at sunrise under the stand I was intending to sit Sunday morning until I decided to sleep in.  The possible shooter buck from above was also in other pictures in the background just as the Eastern horizon was starting to turn blue.  He may have been in bow range during shooting light that morning as well.  I'm hoping for a North wind Saturday morning!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dropped Main Beam Buck

Passed this buck at 35 yards on November 4 in my treestand in an area I named "mexican canyon." I sure hope I dont regret it. I might not give it another chance if given another chance....if you know what I mean. (there will be blood.)


This guy must have been talking $hit!

BIG 8 on cuddeback

Finally captured pics of the BIG 8 on my cuddeback cam. What do you think of age and score of this buck?

Monday, November 1, 2010

More Pics from Halloween Weekend

The Ghost of Tank

A few years ago I was consistently getting trail cam pics of a buck I called tank. My first pictures of him were in 2007, but he didn't get my attention until I captured him again in 2008, sporting a much bigger body. He became camera shy sometime in October '08, and I haven't seen him since.
    When I pulled my camera this Halloween weekend, I was happy to see some nice bucks finally show up. Staab mentioned that he thought one deer looked a lot like Tank. Last night I went into the archives and found some pics of tank from '08. The varnish colored antlers, good mass, and general shape of the frame and tines did strongly resemble my once frequent visitor.
     Looking at body size and age of deer, it's unlikely that this deer is Tank, still roaming the canyons. However, he sure looks like he could be next-generation Tank. What do you think?

   Notice how the left main beam hooks in at the same angle on both deer.

   The G2's and G3's on the right beams also match almost perfectly.

What are your thoughts on the deer in the second picture.  Age?  Score?