Sunday, October 30, 2011

October 30

My cameras had been out for 3 weeks, and I was excited to see all the deer I hoped would be on them.  Unfortunately, two of the cameras failed to take any pictures, one didn't get as many deer on it as usual, and the last camera took over 1500 pictures, but all of them after the first two days it was out were taken from the ground as the camera had fallen off.  These few pics were all I could salvage.

Sunday, October 23, 2011




Monday, October 3, 2011

My Bushnell HD Trail Camera (Turn up your Volume)

Buck Pooping


G3 buck (NO!....NOT SPLIT G2 BUCK..Split G2 buck is a lot bigger!)

"Mad Arnold"

Does and buck

Split G2 Buck (Hard to see but you can tell its him.) I really wish i could get a decent picture or trail camera video of him.

Raccoon falling from tree branch.

My "Cuddeback" trail camera (really like the clarity of the pics of this camera)


Bart the 8 pointer and bobcat

Cam Check: Oct 2

The same bucks showed up in the evening in front of my River Bend stand.  It's an interesting contrast between the mature-looking 8 pointer and the younger one that looks like a doe in the face.

Under my West Canyon stand, the camera again capture the buck I've really had my eye on.

I knew he would be under my treestand (in tree on upper right of pics) at first light, so I decided to sit further up the canyon fork, hoping he'd walk by in the daylight.  These next two pictures were taken the morning I was sitting about 400 yards to the South.  I didn't see any deer, they had to walk up the other fork.  Next time I'll know.