Saturday, December 3, 2011

Deer 2009, 2010, 2011

Big 9'er 2009

Big 9'er 2011

Bart 2009

Bart 2011

The New Guy 2009

The New Guy 2010

Larry 2010

Larry 2011

Beefcake 2010

Beefcake 2011

Farm Deer and Coyote doing his duty!


Goofy Buck!

Coyote taking a $hit!

Bearded Hen Turkey (its the one right in the middle of the screen)

Rutting and Chasing Video

This is the buck I shot at and missed at 35 yards on November 17, 2011. My scoutguard trail cam captured this video just seconds before I shot!

14 Pointer at scrape

Larry (Cool Scrape Video)

Late Bow Season Bucks

This deer reminds me of the big tall and wide 8 pointer from last year!

This buck is a new one that moved in at the farm...HUGE BROWS..if you look close you can see them.